Estate Litigation- Hearings Before the Clerk

Posted on Mar 26, 2015 in NC Estate Litigation Attorney

Not all the cases Kirk Sanders, attorney, handles in estates are will contests. Litigation over estates and trusts involve a myriad of issues.

For instance there are battles that include:

1) Executor: Battles over who will become the Executor or Administrator of the estate. We’ve handled cases where the named executor didn’t open the estate and become qualified in a certain period of time and someone else tried to supersede them based on the statute. We had a hearing and the matter was resolved as we wanted. The deference goes to the named and appointed executor under the will. But Executors can become disqualified.

2) Administrator of Estate: If there was no will, then there becomes a question of whom the clerk should designate as the Administrator of the estate. There’s statutory guidance on this issue.

3) Petition to sell assets to pay debts. The attorneys at Hendrick Bryant have also handled a Petition to sell real property to pay debts of the estate.

4) Claims against the estate: We handled one where there was a bogus claim against the estate for money owed. We defended the beneficiaries.

5) Petitions to Remove Executors or Petitions to Remove Trustees.

These are just a few estate litigation matters. If you have a North Carolina estate with legal needs, call Kirk Sanders at 336-768-1515 to handle your estate litigation in NC.Estate Litigation

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