Bifurcated Will Contests in NC

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Sometimes there are several different wills/documents purporting to be the will of the deceased, such that different parties are contending one over the other should be ruled as the Last Will and Testament of the deceased. Each party may want a different will as the will to use because one or the other benefits that particular party as opposed to the others. If there are competing last wills happens, the trial may be bifurcated. Bifurcation is when the jury decides one issue, then after that decision, more evidence is presented and the jury...

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Will Contest Issues in NC

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If a Will contest aka Will Caveat is filed in North Carolina, then when it goes to trial there will be issues for only a jury to determine. The parties defending the probated will are called the propounder(s) of this writing. The propounder seeks to establish the writing as a valid will. The challengers of the probated will are called the caveator(s). The caveator contests and challenges whether this writing is a valid will for certain legal reasons. The writing at issue marked as propounder’s exhibit (The Probated Will in the will...

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Will Contest Propounders & Caveators

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There are two sets of parties in a Will Contest in North Carolina, the Propounders (defenders of the probated will) & Caveators (challengers to the filed will). Call Kirk Sanders, attorney, if you need representation either as a caveator or propounder in a will contest. 336-723-7200

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Power-of-Attorney Do’s & Don’t’s (NC POA Attorney)

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1) Remember the #1 Rule: the Power of Attorney agent (a/k/a Attorney-in-Fact) must act in the “best interest of the principal” (Principal is the person who executes the power of attorney) 2) Remember #2 Rule: the power of attorney agent acts as a fiduciary for the principal. a. One definition of fiduciary is: A fiduciary is a legal or ethical relationship of trust between two or more parties. Typically, a fiduciary prudently takes care of money for another person. Another includes the definition: Trustee. 3) Rule #3: Maintain all statements,...

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Trusts-Trustee in NC has duty to Give Accounting (NC attorney)

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Issue: You are a beneficiary of a trust but the trustee won’t tell you what’s in the trust, how much is in the trust. This comes up more and more. Unless the trust document says otherwise, trustees have a duty to provide an accounting to a beneficiary. In addition the trustee has a duty to provide the trust document. Clients have hired me on numerous occasions to get these accountings and the trust documents. If you are in a position where you are not getting informed, please contact Kirk Sanders at 336-724-4707 If you have a case of...

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