Will Challenges

What is a Will Caveat?

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  • Are you questioning the mental competency of a Testator when a Will was made?
  • Do you think a Last Will & Testament was executed with Undue Influence?
  • If so, were you a beneficiary of an older will but now are left out?
  • Is a Will being challenged and you think it was done properly?

Last Wills & Testaments are important documents that allow a person to distribute their assets at their death. Many times there are issues concerning the validity of the will based on the legality of the document, capacity or competency of the testator (maker of the will), or undue influence by another on the testator.

Kirk Sanders at Sanders Law Firm, PLLC is a licensed North Carolina attorney who has represented caveators (challengers), propounders (defenders) of wills, and clients involved in Estate Litigation matters.

If you have a question about a Last Will & Testament or an estate proceeding. Call Kirk Sanders at 336-723-7200 to discuss your case.

What is a Will Caveat?
Why challenge a Will?
What are grounds for challenging a Will?
Who may contest the Will?
Undue Influence
Failure of Execution
Sham Will